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Managing Director
Johan Eykens

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For more than 25 years I have been active in the health care sector, representing companies, promoting products with competent authorities, academics, health funds and healthcare professionals. Learning from, interacting with and sharing expertise with these stakeholders are the basis of the engagement process leading to access of new therapies to patients, the essence of our work. As a former member of the Belgian Medicines Reimbursement Committee and former chair at the Federal Agency of Medicines, I value the close collaboration with Health Care Authorities. As a Vice-President of the Council of Local Economy of Tervuren, I share my professional expertise with fellow citizens to create a lively and dynamic community.


  • Pharmacist – KU Leuven

  • Master of Science in Pharmacology – University of Bradford (UK) 

  • Postgraduate in Business Administration – KU Leuven  


Career summary

  • 2002 – present: Managing Director of E&A Farma

  • Management positions with Merck-Serono, EG, MSD and Leo Pharma 

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Associate Consultant
Andrea Verdoodt

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My interest in Market Access was sparked during courses in Health economics and The Lifecycle of a drug in my first year as a master’s student in Drug Development at KU Leuven. After my KU Leuven internship at E&A, I got the ultimate oppurtunity to stay and join the E&A consultants team in 2022. My view of market access is that the pricing and reimbursement of medicines is a critical tipping point for patients to gain access to their medication. Within this mindset, I am motivated to work together as a team on market access cases of medicines.


  • August 2022: Healthy Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Aarhus University

  • 2022: Master Drug Development (Pharmaceutical Sciences) at KU Leuven

  • July 2021: Advanced Clinical Research Monitoring Workshop at Utrecht University.

Career Summary

  • 2022 – present: Market Access Associate Consultant at E&A Farma

  • 2021-2022: Market Access Internship at E&A Farma


Freelance Medical Writer
Jésabelle Kibanda

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After practicing as a veterinarian in the UK for 3 years, I came back to Belgium and switched career paths to work in the pharmaceutical industry. I have always had a very strong affinity for medical sciences and first learned about medical writing while enrolled in the CLINET training program in 2013. After working for a few years in different branches of the pharmaceutical industry, where I was first exposed to market access, I decided to focus on Medical Writing, which combines my love of science and writing. I started working as a consultant for E&A Farma in 2022 and I am excited to begin this new chapter of my career where my work will be part of the important process of improving patient access to medication.



  • 2013: CLINET training “Expert in clinical studies” - Cefochim

  • 2010: Doctor in Veterinary Medicine – Université de Liège


Career Summary

  • 2022 – present: Freelance Medical Writer – Consultant for E&A Farma

  • 2020 – 2021: Scientific Writer at Modis Life Sciences

  • 2017 – 2019: Biology Teaching Assistant and PhD student - Université Libre de Bruxelles

  • 2015 – 2017: Medical Advisor Respiratory Care, Neonatology and Rare Diseases - Chiesi

  • 2013 – 2015: Clinical Research Assistant - Quintiles (now IQVIA)

  • 2010 – 2013: Veterinarian (UK)



I studied Biochemistry and Biotechnology at UGent, after which I completed a PhD at the VIB-Ugent center for inflammation research. Looking for a new challenge where I could have an impact on patient lives, I switched to the pharmaceutical industry and joined E&A consultants in 2022. I’m happy to be part of E&A, where we as a team help to bring new treatments to the market, and assure that patients in need have access to these new treatments.



  • 2020: PhD in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Ghent University

  • 2014: Master in Biochemistry & Biotechnology at Ghent University


Career Summary

  • 2020–2022: Post-Doctoral researcher at VIB-Ugent center for inflammation research, Ghent University

Senior Associate Consultant
Arne Martens

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I recently graduated as a Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences. My interest in Market Access evolved both during my studies and my internship. After doing my internship in Medical Affairs, I landed at e&a. For me, the combination of both the scientific and economic aspect make Market Access exciting and challenging. I think it's fascinating to see how abstract sciences and real-life patient data are in so close relationship to eachother.

Together with the e&a team, I hope to be able to make a difference for patients and facilitate their access to medicines. 


  • 2022: Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Drug Development, KU Leuven


Career Summary

  • 2022 - Present: Market Access Associate

  • 2021 - 2022: Medical Affairs Intern, Chiesi Belgium

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As a high school graduate I had a strong interest in the pharmaceutical sector and in economics. I started my university study career at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Leuven, but my interest in economics dragged on. During my first master year in Drug Development I decided to simultaneously start a master in Management at KU Leuven. Today, I can combine the best of both worlds as a Market Access intern at e&a in the field of pricing and reimbursement of medicines. I look forward to contributing, together with the team, to sustainable healthcare and maintain healthcare accessible for those in need. 


  • 2022 - Present: Master in Drug Development (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences), KU Leuven

  • 2022: Master in Management (Faculty of Economics and Business sciences), KU Leuven


Career Summary

  • 2022 - Present: Market Access Intern

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