Collect your real-world data with Carebytes

Collect your real-world data with Carebytes

Do you need to collect data for your next reimbursement dossier, your revision dossier or to meet the terms of your managed entry agreement? In partnership with healthcare software developer Carebytes, e&a consultants has designed a real-world data platform, customisable to your needs and with GDPR compliance.

What is the added value of Carebytes?

Carebytes is a web-based platform through which doctors can swiftly and accurately answer questions imposed by the government about your medicine. Compared with conducting clinical studies, this approach is considerably less time-consuming and provides you with an accurate insight into current clinical practices in Belgium. In addition, our platform allows you to collect real-world data in a GDPR-compliant manner. A fast, complete and legally sound way of collecting data, that is Carebytes.

Is your pharma company active outside of Belgium? Carebytes can be used internationally. In that case, we will do a preparatory legal check and carry out the necessary tweaks so you can collect real-world data in your country.

How do we set up the platform?

STEP ZERO – INTERVIEW | We can tailor the Carebytes platform to your needs, but before we do so, we first need to understand those needs. What questions imposed by the government do you want to answer with the platform? During this exploratory interview, we explain how Carebytes works with a demo and consider how we can customise it for you.

STEP ONE – SET UP | Once it’s clear what information you want to acquire via the platform, we prepare a draft of the questionnaire which users will fill out on the platform. We finalise that draft in collaboration with potential users of the platforms (your employees, doctors, and so on) to ensure that the questions are clearly formulated and easy to answer.

STEP TWO – TRAINING | Working closely with healthcare software developer Carebytes, we translate the draft into a demo version of the platform and organise training for doctors who will use it. This is in part to help them understand how the platform works but also to explain why their input is needed for the reimbursement of your medicine.

STEP THREE – DATA COLLECTING |  Finally, your customised version of the platform will go live for a specific time period agreed on in the initial interview. Doctors who need access will receive a registration link via email and will be able to fill out the questionnaire.

Collect your data with GDPR compliance

During your use of the Carebytes platform, you can count on the support of our Data Protection Officer to answer any privacy-related questions and to make sure your data research is fully in compliance with GDPR rules. Furthermore, our platform uses European servers fortified with encryption and anonymisation measures to protect your patients’ data.

We support you after data collection

Need support translating your data into insights for your revision or reimbursement dossier? At e&a consultants, we can extract your data in an aggregated manner, respecting the anonymity of patients, and perform an analysis to draw up a substantiated and accurate dossier.

Are you looking for a real-world data platform? 

Book an exploratory meeting with us to view a demo of the Carebytes platform and learn how our consultants can support you during and after your data research.

Collect your real-world data with Carebytes

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