Discover the market potential of your medicine 

How feasible is it to bring your medicine to the Benelux pharmaceutical market? And what market access strategy should you apply for your product? Count on e&a consultants to analyse your medical data, execute a feasibility study and draw up a strategy proposal.

We offer insight in three steps

STEP ONE I Feasibility study 

We apply our background experience in the pharmaceutical industry to immerse ourselves in the medical details of your medicine. From reading up on your clinical research to analysing your global value dossier. That way, we can accurately determine the possible market positioning of your product. What would its target patient be? Who would prescribe the medicine? Could you apply for a reimbursement?

STEP TWO I Market access strategy

Next, we turn data into strategy. We propose well-informed market access scenarios for your product that take into account the various authorities and regulations in the Benelux healthcare system. Of course, nothing is set in stone. We advise you honestly, but are eager to hear your feedback so we can finetune your strategy accordingly.

STEP THREE I From strategy to dossier

We can support you further by preparing and submitting strong pricing and reimbursement dossiers.

Contact our experts for a tailored market access strategy


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