Translate clinical studies into real world data

Do you want to efficiently collect real world data to support the value of your medicine? Or do you need recent data to renew your medicine’s reimbursement status as part of a managed entry agreement? At e&a consultants, we’ve designed a unique platform that collects data from clinical practice in a GDPR-proof manner.

Discover how it works

STEP ONE I Building the platform

You received questions from the government about the administered treatment of your medicine and its effects on a patient or you want to resolve outstanding uncertainties. Together with technical experts, we design a customised web-based platform your doctors can easily access to complete the user-friendly questionnaire.

STEP TWO I Testing the platform

After its design, we thoroughly test the platform and provide training to your participating doctors to ensure they can work with our tool effortlessly.

STEP THREE I Data collection 

Collecting data through our platform is extremely easy. After filling out the questionnaire, your doctor clicks on the ‘submit’ button, sending anonymised data to our database. That way, personal and sensitive patient information will remain with the treating doctor. The data we receive are used to draw up a dossier, supporting the continuous access of your medicine.

Interested in collecting real word data? Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our platform.


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