We prepare your application up until the launch

Do you want to enter the market with your innovative medicine? Need support in exploring the options after a reimbursement approval? As a specialist in the Benelux healthcare system, e&a consultants knows exactly what regulations, stakeholders or decision drivers you have to take into account.

Using our market expertise, we prepare and submit strong pricing and reimbursement dossiers. We offer support at every intermediary step, from providing scientific evaluations and drawing up a proposal for reimbursement, up to the post-reimbursement process. At all times, we collaborate closely with you. After all, you’re the medical expert who understands your medicine best. Together, we plead a case for why your medicine can make a difference.

We help you make your medicine accessible for patients

STEP ONE I Application preparation

We motivate your set pricing or reimbursement level in solid and convincing pricing and reimbursement applications, which we prepare by reading up on scientific literature and by organising advisory boards and interviews with doctors to gain insight into the cure they’re looking for. That way, we can highlight the unique therapeutic added value of your medicine in your dossier. 

STEP TWO I Application submission

To ensure your dossier is tailored to the qualities of your medicine, we also sit down with the departments involved in the development of your medicine. Carefully, we translate their input to a dossier that is written correctly, comprehensibly and to the point. We then submit that dossier for you to the relevant governmental institutions in the Benelux.

STEP THREE I Negotiation support

How will you respond to the feedback of the authorities? Will you alter your pricing or reimbursement level? Or perhaps there is room for a managed entry agreement? e&a consultants can support you throughout this process, from leading negotiations to preparing your employees through effective role-play training.

STEP FOUR I Lifecycle support

Did you come to an agreement? Congratulations! Is there any follow-up needed to maintain the reimbursement? Are there new indications, formulations or dosages available? Are the medical details and prescription criteria quite technical? Then e&a consultants is glad to guide you through these additional processes.

Need support in preparing and defending your pricing and/or reimbursement dossiers? We know the Benelux healthcare system inside out.

NIHDI point of contact

We can act as your contact person with the reimbursement (NIHDI). Doing this, we take all necessary steps and actions in order to guarantee that your company fulfills all requierements regarding NIHDI Legislation.
The  services include but are not limited to:

  • Declare sold units and turnover as specified in NIHDI legislation and possible MEA.
  • Communicate to/from NIHDI and/or your company with regards to Fees, Levies and Rebates.
  • Inform your company on legislation which might impact your products.
  • Ensure future transfer of NIHDI responsibilities from Third Parties towards your company

Market Acces Helpdesk

Whether you're navigating the market acces landscape, seeking advice on pricing of medicines, or requiring assistance with ad-hoc issues, our dedicated team has the expertise to be your trusted point of contact. Our helpdesk service ensures that you can simply reach out to us, for us to provice accurate and up-to-date information tailored to your specific needs.


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